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The ETM® System supports a wide variety of span configurations, as described in Knowledge Base article #INS678, ETM® System v4.0.x Minimum System and Network Requirements. However, certain configurations are not supported and will prevent the system from functioning properly, as described below.

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IMPORTANT On a 24-channel ISDN-PRI trunk that has either its own D- channel or has the primary or backup D-channel of an NFAS group, the ETM System requires that the D-channel reside on channel 24. The trunk must be entirely ISDN for the Span to function properly.

The following configurations are not supported by the ETM System:

  • Split ISDN/T1 CAS. Some sites may have a hybrid trunk with some channels configured as T1 and some configured as ISDN. The ETM System cannot function in this environment.
  • Multiple D-channels on a single trunk. Some sites may have multiple D- channels on a single trunk due to split functionality (e.g., part voice, part video teleconference). The ETM System can only recognize and gather information from the D- channel that resides on channel 24.

Versions Affected

All versions prior to ETM System v4.1.

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