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SecureLogix® Customer Support Customer Satisfaction Survey

SecureLogix Corporation strives to exceed your expectations each time we provide support to your organization. We would like to ask you to complete the short Customer Support Survey form below. Your responses will be sent directly to Customer Support Management. We encourage you to answer each question in a forthright and candid manner. Your comments and/or suggestions will help us enhance our support operation.

Your feedback is vital to our goal of providing SecureLogix customers with the most useful information in using our products.

1. Did you find what you were looking for?  Yes | No

2. Was the interface understandable, consistent, well presented? Yes | No

3. Did your visit to the SLC Web site save you a call to SecureLogix Support? Yes | No

4. How would you describe the clarity of information?
Very Satisfied | Satisfactory | Neutral | Dissatisfied | Very Dissatisfied

5. How would you describe your overall satisfaction?
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