D Channel Up and Down System Events Reversed

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The “D Channel Down” and “D Channel Up” System Events operate in reverse of their intended fuctionality. The “D Channel Down” System Event is generated when the D Channel comes up, rather than when it goes down, while the “D Channel Up” System Event is generated when the D Channel goes down, rather than when it comes up.

Versions Affected

ETM® System v3.03–4.0. This issue will be corrected in maintenance release 4.0.1.

More Information

System Events are recorded in the Diagnostic Log. You can also assign notification Tracks to various types of System Events so that appropriate personnel are automatically notified. System Event Tracks are set in the System Events tab of the Server Administration Tool. For details, see the ETM System User Guides or the online Help.

Last Update: 01/06/03

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Published on January 6, 2003  |  Updated on August 13, 2021

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