Reboot/Power Cycle During Card Upgrade Corrupts Firmware

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When you download a software package to an Appliance Card, it is imperative that you do not reboot or power cycle the Card until the upgrade is complete, or the firmware may become corrupted, rendering the Card inoperable. The Card automatically reboots when the upgrade is complete. If you believe the Card has become unresponsive, be certain that 15 minutes have elapsed since you began the download before you manually power cycle or reboot the Card.

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How long a Card upgrade takes varies depending on the size of the package and which firmware devices are being reprogrammed. During a Card upgrade, the compact flash (hard drive) is first reprogrammed; then, depending on the upgrade, the boot flash and one to six other firmware devices may be reprogrammed. The firmware devices are verified against the new code; if different, they are reprogrammed. Verification can take from 20 to 120 seconds per device (depending on the size of the device) and reprogramming can take from 30 to 240 seconds per device.

During reprogramming of the devices, interrupts are ignored, so the Card is very quiet. This is normal and does not indicate a problem. When reprogramming is complete, the Card automatically reboots. This should occur in no more than 15 minutes.

In rare cases, errors do occur that render the Card unresponsive. Should the Card become completely unresponsive, a “watchdog timer” will normally cause the Card to automatically reboot. If it does not and you believe the Card is completely unresponsive, be certain that 15 minutes has elapsed since you began the download before you manually power cycle or reboot the Card.

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