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ETM® 1060 Cache Appliance 4.1.x and later.

Each time the ETM 1060 Cache Appliance is rebooted, the operating system increments a counter. After the reboot counter reaches 39, the Cache Appliance’s operating system forces a file integrity system check. A file integrity system check also occurs if the Cache Appliance was not rebooted correctly because of a power failure or turning off the Appliance without halting the system.

More Information
Because the Cache Appliance has a 120 GB hard drive, the system check can take up to 12 minutes to complete. During the system check, the Recording Card cannot connect to the Cache Appliance, so any calls recorded during this time are discarded. The Cache does not connect to the ETM Sever until the system check is complete. Since the Cache Appliance does not have a monitor, the only indication that the system check is running is that the red Hard Drive LED is blinking.

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Published on June 7, 2004  |  Updated on August 13, 2021

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