Running Multiple Consecutive Reports with the Same Template

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Occasionally, when you manually run a report, then attempt to run the report again using the same template, the PreviewSave, and Print toolbar buttons are grayed out.

Versions Affected

ETM® System v4.0.x and prior

Known Workarounds

After generating the report, if the toolbar buttons are not enabled, select a different template, then reselect the template that you want to use.

Note: When you select a Report Template, the Data Source and Retrieval Range boxes change to reflect the settings that were saved with the Report Template the last time it was printed, previewed, or saved. Therefore, it is important that you reselect the Report Template before you specify the Retrieval Range and Data Source.

For this and other details of generating a report, see “Generate the Report” in the TeleAudit® Usage Manager User Guide.

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