ETM® UTA and Inline SIP Call Inactivity Timeout Setting Behavior

Article #ETM5401

ETM® Unified Trunking Application (UTA ) and inline SIP applications
provide a Call Inactivity Timeout setting to clear ghost calls from the system
(those which connected but for which the ETM System did not see an end, and for which
no activity has been seen during the specified amount of time). Allowed values are
from 4 to 999 hours. The default is 4 hours.

On inline SIP, when the timeout expires, the Span attempts to terminate the call, and
then purges it from the ETM System.

On UTA, when the timeout expires, the Span queries the router to see if it is still
aware of the call. If it is, the timeout timer is reset. If the router is not aware
of the call, the Span purges it from the ETM System.

See the attached PDF document for a printable version of this article that includes a
screenshot showing the location of the timer.

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Published on December 9, 2015  |  Updated on August 24, 2021

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