Calls Appear in Channel Monitor of Offline ISDN PRI NFAS Member Span

Article #ETM633


This article explains the behavior of an ISDN PRI NFAS Member after issuing the ETM® Command T1 OFFLINE.

Versions Affected

All versions of the ETM® System are affected.

More Information

When the T1 OFFLINE command is issued to an ISDN PRI Span via the ASCII Management Interface or a Telnet/serial connection, the specified Span is set offline and no longer monitors calls or enforces its Policy; the Span acts as a passive pass-through device for call traffic.

However, if the Span is an NFAS Member, the D-channel information of the calls passing through the trunk is still captured by the primary D-channel (if online), and you will continue to see active calls in the Channel Monitor.

The Call Type for these calls is reported as Voice.

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