Adding Multiple Classifications to a Dialing Plan

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In some telecom markets, such as Europe, you may have Local, Regional, and Long Distance classifications, instead of only Local and Long Distance (as in the US). This article describes how to add classification entries to your Dialing Plan.

See the example of multiple classifications in “More Information,” below.

Versions Affected

ETM® System v3.0 and later.

More Information

In the following example, exchanges 347, 223, 437 in area code 210 are classified as ‘local’ (LOC); exchanges 347, 223, 437 in area code 512 are classified as ‘regional’ (REG); exchanges 347, 223, 437 in area code 831 are classified as ‘another regional’ (OREG); all other exchanges in these area codes and any other area codes (that are not International) are classified as LD.

Note: LOC, REG, and OREG will appear in the Destination Details field when these flags are used in the Policy Log and TeleAudit® Reports.

[Classify:HNPA Local Exchanges:(“LOC”):/NMNext ]
210 {347, 223, 437}
[Classify:HNPA Local Exchanges:(“REG”):/NMNext ]
512 {347, 223, 437}
[Classify:HNPA Local Exchanges:(“OREG” ||”LD”)]
831 {347, 223, 437}

Note: In the above example, /NMNext = if the call does not match the current section, proceed to the next Classify section; || “LD” = if the call does not match the section, label it LD.

The following procedures are described in detail in “Defining Dialing Plans” in the ETM® System Installation Guide.

To define a Dialing Plan

  1. Open the default .LNP file in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  2. Define the appropriate sections according to your Appliance locale. Be sure to type a new, easily identifiable name for the Dialing Plan in the Default section DP_Name.
  3. Save the file under any identifiable name in the same directory, with an .LNP file extension. This extension must be capitalized.
  4. Install the Dialing Plan on the Span(s) .

IMPORTANT The updated Dialing Plan is not used for call processing until it is installed on the Span.

Last Updated: 6/9/2003

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