Updating Timezone Offset Change on Spans 2-4

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If a Card in an ETM® 2100 or 3200 Appliance is not connected to the ETM Server during the change to/from Daylight Savings Time, when the Card reconnects to the Server, only Span 1 properly updates the offset from GMT. Spans 2-4 retain the old offset and potentially fail to execute time-based Policy correctly.The offset is updated correctly if the Card is connected to the Server during the change.

Versions Affected

ETM® System v3.0 and later.

Known Workaround

After the Card reconnects, restart all of the Spans.

To restart all of the Spans on a Card

  1. Right-click the Card, then click ASCII Management Interface.
  2. In the Enter command for Span box, type:

All of the Spans are restarted and properly updated.

Last Updated: 6/9/2003

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Published on June 9, 2003  |  Updated on August 6, 2021

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