Recovering System When ETM® Database Computer Runs Out of Storage.

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If your ETM® Database computer hard drive becomes full, the ETM Server cannot run. You will need to either provide additional storage space or clear some space on the hard drive so that you can restart the ETM Service.

More Information

By default, the ETM Server permanently stores log data; the only size limit is the amount of disk space available. However, you can allow the ETM System to automatically delete old logs according to storage size limits that you specify. For the procedure, see “Enabling Automatic Purging of Logs” in the Using the ETM® System User Guide or online Help.

Note: If you are unable to start the Server, you will have to clear space on the hard drive first, as described below. Then you can log in to the Server and configure automatic purging.

Clearing Space on the Hard Drive

Removing old Diagnostic Logs should give the ETM System enough storage space to run. You can delete Diagnostic Logs without affecting the performance of the ETM System.

WARNING Clearing a table permanently deletes the data in the table.

To clear the Diagnostic Log table

  • Do one of the following:
    • Connect to the database using the ETM Database Maintenance Tool.
      • Right click the Diagnostics table, then click Clear table.
    • If you do not have access to the ETM Database Maintenance Tool but have access to the ETM Database, you can follow the following instructions to clear the Diagnostics table:
      1. Log in to SQL*Plus using the ETM System database user/password combination. For example:c:>sqlplus etmuser/etmpass@etm_database_name
      2. At the SQL> prompt, type:
        truncate table diagnostics;The message table truncated appears.

Either of these methods should clear enough space on the hard drive to start the ETM Management Service. You can then log in to the Server and set up automatic purging.

Versions Affected

ETM® System v4.0 and later.

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