PolicyGuru® Meta-Policy Controller Technical Discussion

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PolicyGuru Meta-Policy Controller provides universal security, monitoring, and usage policy implementation and enforcement across your entire voice/UC network from a web-based management graphical user interface (GUI). The solution also provides real-time, drill-down call detail analytics and powerful offline forensic analytics and reporting capabilities. Call and policy processing data for monitored SIP trunks is stored in a centralized database for offline analysis and reporting.

The PolicyGuru Solution monitors SIP signaling to provide real-time visibility and call access control (CAC) of activity across your voice/UC network. Centrally managed policy rules are distributed across the network to specify in real time whether calls are allowed as dialed, terminated, or redirected to a different destination. You can whitelist known allowed calls; blacklist known malicious, fraudulent, or otherwise unauthorized calls; redirect suspicious calls; and watch potentially suspect calls to determine whether they represent misuse/abuse or potential attack activity. Configurable alerts provide immediate notification when a policy rule fires.

The attached document provides a technical overview of the PolicyGuru®
Meta-Policy Controller.

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Published on February 3, 2021  |  Updated on August 17, 2021

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