ENUM Requests and Source Number in PolicyGuru® Firewall Policy

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Each Rule in a PolicyGuru® Solution Firewall Policy specifies the
source(s), destination(s), and direction of calls to which the Rule applies, and the
call-control action to be taken if a call matches the rule. The PolicyGuru ENUM
Server compares the source and destination values in the policy rules with the source
and destination values the SBC sends in the ENUM request and returns an ENUM response
to the SBC that dictates the call-control action for that call: allow the call as
originally routed, redirect the call to an alternate destination, or block the call.

For the source number in the ENUM request, the SBC may send the value from either the
P-Asserted Identity (PAI) header or the FROM header:

P-Asserted Identity (PAI)–The billing number for the line.

FROMThe Caller ID.

Both header values are valid for use in whitelists and blacklists in PolicyGuru
Firewall Rules. The PolicyGuru Solution executes policy on the source number that the
SBC sends. MSSV analysts will ensure that the appropriate source number is added to
the managed white and blacklists.

The purpose of the attached article is to provide additional information on the two
types of source headers and how those sources can be used in policy.

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Published on January 2, 2019  |  Updated on August 17, 2021

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