ETM® Platform v3.0.x: Connecting Through A Firewall

Article #INS205B

Technical Bulletin #205, Rev C

ETM® Platform v3.0.2–3.0.3:
Operation Through a Firewall or Other NAT Device


Click here to download TB205 in PDF format. This technical bulletin explains how to configure the v3.0.2—3.0.3 of the Infrastructure Manager, ETM® Management Server, and TeleAudit® Usage Manager to communicate through a firewall or other device performing Network Address Translation (NAT).

IMPORTANT This technical bulletin reflects changes to the ETM applications after the v3.0 product documentation was finalized. This information replaces the section titled “Connecting Through a Firewall” on pages 19–26 of the ETM® Platform Installation and Configuration Guide, and the topic by the same name in the online Help. 

Last Update: 8/08/02

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Published on December 3, 2002  |  Updated on July 20, 2021

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