ETM® Platform v3.0: Creating UK or South Africa Defaults During Installation

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By default, the ETM® Database is populated with defaults applicable to the United States. If you are installing an ETM Platform in the UK or South Africa, follow the procedure in this technical bulletin after installing the ETM software and database but before creatingthe data instance for the ETM Server. This causes the ETM Database to be populated with default values specific to your locale.

Versions Affected

ETM® Platform v3.0x

More Information

ETM Database Maintenance Tool is run, the following files and the folder in which they reside are created:





The ETM Database Maintenance Tool reads the default data from the DEFAULT.spec file, which is identical to the DEFAULT_US.spec file by default. If you accepted the defaults at installation, the path to these files is:

  • Solaris— /opt/SecureLogix/ETM/ps/maint/sql
  • Windows—C:\Program Files\SecureLogix\ETM\ps\maint\sql

To create defaults for the UK or South Africa

  1. Open the ETM Database Maintenance Tool to cause it to create the above files in the ps/maint/sql directory. When the GUI appears, close it.
  2. Delete the DEFAULT.spec file, then rename the appropriate locale-specific file to DEFAULT.spec.
  3. Restart the ETM Database Maintenance Tool and proceed with ETM data instance creation. See the ETM® Platform Installation Guide or the online Help for instructions for creating a data instance.

Last Update: 09/07/01

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Published on December 3, 2002  |  Updated on July 20, 2021

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