• ETM System v7.1.3 Release Notes

    Article #ETM831 The attached document provides important information about ETM® System v7.1.3. Click Download for more Details:

  • ETM System v7.0.1 Update 1

    Article #ETM726 The attached article provides important information about ETM System v7.0.1 Update 1,a TDM-appliance-only update that addressed issues with DTMF digit collection andwildcards. Click Download for more Details:

  • Upgrading to v9.0.1 from v7.1.1 Build 41 or Later of the ETM® System on Linux

    Article #ETM3461 The attached document explains how to upgrade to v9.0.1 from v7.1.1 build 41 or later of the ETM®System on Linux. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, contact SecureLogix Technical Support before beginning the upgrade. See the attachment for details. Last Update: 7/01/2022