Using an SMDR Y Cable on the ETM® Communications Appliance

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When a Y cable is used to connect an ETM® Communications Appliance to a PBX, the Appliance assumes that the other device connected to the Y cable (e.g., a computer) is providing the handshake signal to request receive data. If the other device is powered off or is not providing the handshake, SMDR data is not sent to the Appliance.

Versions Affected

All ETM Platform 2000- and 3000-Series Appliances

More Information

If the PBX is correctly configured to send SMDR, but the Appliance does not receive SMDR data when connected to the PBX, verify the following:

·         The other device connected to the Y cable is powered on and functioning properly.

·         The SMDR Y cable is built correctly. (In the ETM Platform online Help, search on “SMDR Y-Cable Pinouts” for cable diagrams.)

Last Update: 2/26/02

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